Lydia Tachkov is a collaborative denim designer based in New York City with nine years of industry experience. Her passion for innovative denim design and sustainability brought her to Levi's as designer for the Made and Crafted and Made in Japan lines, and then as designer for the Global Collaborations and Special Projects team.

Lydia has a deep love for authentic vintage and antique denim, pulling inspiration from century old pieces to inform contemporary iterations. She has extensive experience curating a wide range of denim finishes across many different price points, aiming to replicate finish as authentically as possible. 

Lydia embodies a California sensibility, having been born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is drawn to the mist filled landscapes and the cold shrouded oceans and aims to convey the nostalgia she associates with the coastline into her work.

She has managed multiple global collaborations for Levi's with different partners across brands, licensing IPs, and celebrity projects which have been highlighted in publications across Vogue, Hypebeast, GQ, and more.

Lydia looks to create sustainable and inclusive clothing for all in an environment that supports accessibility, has strong roots in community, and is people first.

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